Boat insurance is broad, but it's our job to help pinpoint your coverage needs. Whether you're looking for yacht insurance, personal watercraft insurance or commerical boat insurance, Ryder Rosacker McCue & Huston is here to assist. We offer a variety of coverages, and our FAQ section will help you sort through these details.


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  • Bodily injury for injuries caused to another person
  • Property damage for damage caused to someone else's property
  • Guest passenger liability for any legal expenses incurred by someone using the boat with the owner's permission
  • Medical payments for injuries to the boat owner and other passengers
  • Theft

Most companies offer liability limits starting at $15,000, which can be increased to $300,000. Typical policies include deductibles of $250 for property damage, $500 for theft and $1000 for medical payments. Higher limits may be available. Additional coverage can be purchased for trailers and other accessories. Boat owners may also consider purchasing an umbrella liability policy which will provide additional protection for their boat, home and car.

Boaters should also inquire about special equipment kept on the boat, such as fishing gear, to make sure it is covered and verify that towing coverage is included in the policy.

Boat owners should also inquire about discounts including:

  • Diesel powered craft, which are less hazardous than gasoline powered boats as they are less likely to explode
  • Coast Guard-approved fire extinguishers
  • Ship-to-shore radios
  • Two years of claims-free experience
  • Multi-policies with the same insurer, such as a car, home, or umbrella policy
  • Safety education courses, such as those offered by the Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadrons or the American Red Cross

Generally, boats are considered to be 26' and smaller, and yachts are 27' and larger. Generally speaking, yacht coverage is broader and more specialized because larger boats travel further and have more unique exposures.

Most watercraft insurance policies will allow anyone to operate your watercraft so long as you have given them permission. There are some exceptions, of course, especially with high-performance boats, so always read your policy.

Yes. At Ryder Rosacker McCue & Huston, your safety is always important to us. Below are good resources for watercraft safety information:

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